Friday, August 21, 2015

"08-18-2015 Minutes"

 "08-18-2015 Minutes"

Members Present: Brian, Devin, Angel, Jay, Shawn, Monica, Lauren, Colleen, Ed, Erick

Guests: Elika Rad, Joan Scott, Meg Dvorak, Julian Liang

Council Votes: July's Minutes Approved

PFAC Update: Joan provided the council an update on the Patient Family Partners Program. The PFPP has four components: Patient Family Advisory Councils (PFACs), Patient Family Faculty (formally Speakers Program), Peer 2 Peer, and Continuous Improvement. Since 2009 15 ongoing PFAC councils have been formed. Strategic Initiatives for 2015 are family/caregiver support and validation, staff support and training and the development of the Patient/ Family Faculty Program, where PFP helps design curriculum, format and act as teachers through speaking. What roles do patients and family partners play? They are Advisers, Advocates, and Partners. The partnership model is patients, family, staff and physicians all working together to identify a problem, define the problem and design together the solution. Everyone involved understands the value of having these councils.

Council Nominates Devin and Ed to be the back up members with badge access to the conference room. As of right now Jay is the only council member with badge access. Joan will work with security to get badge access for Devin and Ed.

Project Updates:

Infection Control Policy: Colleen is working on appointing a member from the Pediatric council. Suggestions and feedback from the council is to have the Pediatric council participant / Parent join one of our council meetings for an open discussion on this topic. Understand the reasoning behind the isolation. Properly addressing any fears, issues or concerns. Collaborate from an adults perspective regarding the transition process from peds clinic to the adult clinic. Also to contact the CF Center Directors Dr. Carlos Milla and Dr. Paul Mohabir for input on this topic.

Parking Perks: Meg shared an update on the Parking Perks Project. After meeting with Parking and Transportation, a drafted Cystic Fibrosis Patient Valet Parking Pilot was created explaining the purpose, process and procedure. A total of 20 executive parking passes were given to the clinic. The passes allow CF patients who require oxygen tanks to park in any of the valet areas such as: the Blake Wilbur Building, ER and the Fountain Entrance. The passes are valid for one time use only. Parking and Transportation wants to be able to track the frequency of the passes. The pilot run for this program is from August 10th - November 13th. Meg will share more data on this topic towards the end of the pilot run. The patients that have received the parking passes are surprised that this is a service made available to them.

CF Encounters: Lauren and Devin shared a few stories that have been approved by the sharer via email to the council for review. Council approved the format. They are continuing to finalize the other stories that have been collected. Asked the council for suggestions on ways to collect more stories. Joan suggested using a phone line already set up in the Cancer Center that is no being used as a way for patients to call in and offer feedback. A concern is keeping with confidentiality rules who will be checking the messages, and who would be transcribing them. Colleen suggested using the CF Center Anonymous Box located on the website. Finding out if the box can be moved to the Adult Center website. What is the next step once all the stories are finalized. Joan will help the council brainstorm ideas of how to present this to other PFAC groups as an education tool to help improve the partnership model.

Issue Management Protocol: Monica and Angel decided a flow chart design would work best for the Decision Tree Flyer. Jay is working on the design of the flyer. How will the flyer be distributed? The flyer can be available in clinic as a hand out, and incorporated in new patient packets and admitting paper work.

Coordinating with CFF and external clinic development: Update on the C3N Project. Shawn shared that everything we are discussing in this meeting the group is currently working on. Are other hospitals using the Virtual Clinic Concept and is it working? Yes, there are other centers using the concept and it seems to be helping patients. Especially those patients that live far from their hospitals. Is Stanford using the Virtual Clinic? Joan will provide an update at the next council meeting. Erick volunteered to help with this project.

MyHealth Update: Jay has a meeting scheduled on September 17th.

RPF: Jay updated the changes suggested by the clinic and sent the revisions to the council members for review. Jay will email Elika or Julian the revised RPQ form. Next step is to see if the form can be uploaded to MyHealth for patients to fill out before clinic visits.

Clinic Patient Opportunities - Change in Clinic Day Update: New clinic days are Wednesdays and Thursdays. The first Thursday clinic day is September 10th and the last Friday clinic day is September 11th. Letters have been sent out to patients explaining the change in days and rescheduling phone calls are being made. The perk of having Friday open is staff can follow up on patient phone calls, call in refils, etc.. before the weekend.

Action Items:

Joan: Explore the option of the phone line for CF Encounter Project

Joan: Contact security regarding getting Devin and Ed  badge access to the conference room.

Colleen: Check and see if the CFF Center Anonymous Box can be moved to the Adult Center Website.

Lauren and Devin: Continue working on CF Encounters Project.

Monica and Angel: Continue working on Issue Management Protocol Project.

Angel: Send Shawn council members email list.

Jay: Email Julian or Elika updated RPF to give to the front desk staff.

Brian, and Joan: Set up quarterly meeting with Dr. Mohabir

Devin: Update on information sheet for masks.

All: If anyone notices a general question posted on the Facebook page and you feel needs more information, share it with the council.

Meeting called to a close at 7:19pm.
Next Council Meeting on September 15, 2015