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Get to Know Our Council:
  1. Council History - Please see our council history here:
  2. Council Accomplishments - Please see our council website "Council Projects" page here:
  3. Council Member Bios - Please see our council website "About Our Members" page here:
  4. "We Want To Hear Your Voice" Flyer
  5. Council Brochure
Council Policies:

Council Resources and Notes:
  1. NOTE: Free parking is available for council meetings. Please park in the Blake Wilbur parking lot across from the Cancer Center (also known as the "Advanced Medicine Center"). Take a ticket when you enter. When you leave at 7pm, the gate will be up and you can leave freely.
  2. Council Member Contact List (please contact our council secretary Jackie at
  3. Application for Council Membership
  4. CF Education - Please see our council website "Helpful Links" page here:
  5. CF Legal Information - Please see the Stanford CF Center website "Legal Concerns" page here:
  6. "Help Us Help You" Hospital Form
  7. Return Patient Clinic Form -
  8. Council business card - 
  9. Council Document Template - (download only):