Sunday, December 11, 2016

ACFPFAC December Agenda

Stanford Adult Cystic Fibrosis Patient & Family Advisory Council
Date/Time: Tuesday, December 13, 2016, 5:00pm-6:20pm Location: Blake Wilbur Room W1084 & Join WebEx
WebEx members should get set up 10 minutes before the scheduled meeting time using the link provided in the green button on the WebEx dialog below or the link at the bottom of the form. It is recommended you call in for audio as opposed to using your computer.
Advisory Council visitors are welcome. Attendees must respect the Stanford CF Center cross infection guidelines. Please do not attend in person if you have an active viral infection or any other contagious condition.
Please have this copy of the agenda and attachments with you during the meeting.
1. Introduction(5:005:10)
2. AdoptOctoberminutes(5:10)

Please review Linda’s minutes on the blog or via her email previously sent
to you
3. ProjectUpdate(5:15
  1. ResearchstatusupdateColleen
  2. ProposedRewordingofMissionStatement/NamechangeJay
    Implementation update
  3. Patient Survey Brian
    On hold pending Virtual Clinic project
  4. VirtualClinicProposal/OnlineCollaborationBrian Volunteers Jay, Shawn, Angel, Brian, Ed (clinician role)
  5. CFEncountersLarissa
    Larissa is continuing to work on the content provided by Devin. Angel will follow up with Jennifer Cannon to gain clinic perspective on the project.
  6. Informational Sheet on Masks Larissa
    Larissa will talk with Jennifer Cannon about what are the top three masks for travel.
  7. InpatientIssueManagementDecisionTreeAngel/Jay/Elika Status on printing/distribution Angel investigating print options, hopeful delivery in November
  8. Passport (card used for CF advocacy for other ER visits) URLs Angel/Linda
    Great response, checking on number required which will lead to the number that needs to be printed. Hope to coordinate with decision tree distribution
page1image17664 page1image17824
  1. Coordination with CFF and external clinic development Shawn Likely no updates until January on incorporation of advisory boards
  2. RPQ/MyHealth update Jay
    Identified replacement, will try to contact before next council meeting. Some inconsistencies have been identified, would like to work with them to resolve.
  3. File Management Approach Jay
    DropBox has a potential solution for file management, will
    investigate further with assistance from Ed.
  4. Clinic-Patient Opportunities Angel/Elika
    New request, find out the concerns by the clinic relative to honoring patient requests for providers to wear masks. Will continue to try and push the clinic to support when requested.
4. Reminders
a. Publicizecouncilandcouncilactivities
  1. Continue to complete volunteer requirements
  2. Future Projects
    Hospital RPQ
    CF Patient Medical Compendium
    Top requests for clinic improvement areas or informational needs
5. Final Comments/Discussion (6:00 6:10)
Next meeting January 23, 2017
6. ClosedSession(6:106:30)
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Administrator invites you to this meeting.
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CF Adult Advisory Council Meeting
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Join Using WebEx
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Fourth Tuesday at 5:00pm
Occurs the fourth Tuesday of every month effective Aug 23, 2016 until Jan 23, 2018.
4:40 PM | 2 hr 20 min
(UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

This invitation is for the CF Adult Advisory Council Meeting taking place the fourth Tuesday of each month starting at 5 pm Pacific
Meeting password: w1084 Meeting number: 801090638
Join Using Telepresence
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Meeting Begins at 5:00 pm
WebEx and TelePresence Connections Open at 4:40 pm
• Telepresence attendees please press the join button on your touch screen to connect.
• WebEx attendees please click the green 'Join Using WebEx' tab within this invite.
• Next join the WebEx audio bridge by phone. Do not use computer audio. • Please mute your phone until you are ready to speak
• WebEx attendees to enable your laptop camera click the camera icon next to your name in the meeting participants list.
Questions call:
Kevin Hurley
Unified Communications Specialist Stanford Health Care
Mobile: 650-272-7579
Unified Communications Team: 650-721-2800
TP-900 Blake Wilbur-Tumor Board W1084
Call-in numbers
Toll: 1-650-479-3208 Toll-free: 1-877-668-4493 Access code: 801090638 Global call-in numbers Toll-free calling restrictions
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