Wednesday, September 16, 2015

"09-15-2015 Meeting Minutes

"09-15-2015 Minutes"

Members Present: Brian, Devin, Angel, Jay, Shawn, Monica, Lauren, Ed, Erick

Guests: Elika Rad, Ronnie Wetmore, Joan Scott, Richard Dnagle

Council Votes: August Minutes Approved

PFAC Update: Joan shared the conference room reservation schedule for next year. As of now, the only available openings are Monday evenings starting in January. Monday's won't work for some council members. New update during the meeting, Room 2103 is being remodeled and will have teleconference and should be ready by January. Joan will investigate Room 2103 availability and report back to the council.

Project Updates:

Infection Control Policy: Update at next meeting.

CF Encounters: Lauren and Devin have a total of 10 encounter stories. Their next step is to format the stories into a template and distribute them out to the council for review and input. Joan mentioned the confidential phone line is available. She can provide the directions if we are interested. The only challenge is there is no one to transcribe the messages. Devin mentioned that he spoke with Colleen regrading the CF Center Anonymous Box possibly being moved to the Adult Center Website. The CF Center Anonymous Box is no longer available.

Issue Management Protocol: Monica and Angel emailed proof#1 of the CF Outpatient Decision Tree Flyer to all council members for review and input. Thank you Jay for creating and designing the Decision Tree Flyer. Changes and suggestions include: adding the stanfordcfac@gmail email to the bottom of the flyer for incidents which aren't that serious but seem like an education opportunity for clinic personnel (CF Encounter) and a second contact for comments regarding the flyer. Creating another box for Clinic Related Issues. Lastly a suggestion for the Inpatient flyer regarding contacts for Unit / Charge Nurses. Elika suggested the verbiage state Resource Nurse or Charge Nurse. Angel will follow up with Elka for Clinic Related Issues contacts.

Virtual Meeting Proposal / Online Collaboration: Erick reached out to the University of Utah's CF Clinic Coordinator to see if a version of the Virtual Clinic is in the works. Still waiting to hear back. In the meantime Joan mentioned there is a pilot run going on at Stanford. She will follow up and report back at the next council meeting.

Coordinating with CFF and external clinic development: Update on the C3N Project. Shawn shared the Virtual Meeting Project was given to another group. Shawn will follow up with the other group to find out more updates on the virtual meeting project. The group is working on branching out to other clinics to find out which ones need improvement and provide help in those areas. Also checking to see if accreditation is up and stable. Quality Improvement report will be shared at the CF Conference in October.

MyHealth Update: Jay has a meeting scheduled on September 17th. Follow up at next meeting.

RPF: Jay emailed Elkia revised RPQ form.

Informational Sheet On Masks: Devin reached out to Joan for a starting point on this project. She referred him to Cheryl Head of Infection Control at Stanford. Devin will collaborate with Cheryl and report back his finding to the council. Other suggested avenues to checkout OSHA, N95, P100 and 3M websites.

Action Items:

Joan: Update on Facebook Issue.

Joan: Update on PFAC File Storage Solution Problem.

Lauren and Devin: Continue working on CF Encounters Project.

Monica and Angel: Continue working on Issue Management Protocol Project.

Devin: Update on Information Sheet for Masks.

All: Think about a day of the week that works for new conference room openings for next year.

All: If anyone notices a general question posted on the Facebook page and you feel needs more
information, share it with the council.

Meeting called to a close at 6:15pm.
Next Council Meeting on October 20, 2015

Thursday, September 10, 2015

September Agenda

Stanford Adult Cystic Fibrosis Patient Advisory Council
Date/Time: Tuesday, September 15, 5:00pm-6:20pm 
Location: Blake Wilbur  Room W1084 & Join WebEx
WebEx members should get set up 10 minutes before the scheduled meeting time using the link provided in the green button on the WebEx dialog below or the link at the bottom of the form.  It is recommended you call in for audio as opposed to using your computer.

Advisory Council visitors are welcome.  Attendees must respect the Stanford CF Center cross infection guidelines.  Please do not attend in person if you have an active viral infection or any other contagious condition.

Please have this copy of the agenda and attachments with you during the meeting.


1.    Introduction (5:00 – 5:10)
Welcome Back Annette Hernandez!
2.    Adopt August minutes (5:10)
Please review Angel’s minutes on the blog or via her email previously sent to you
3.    CF PFAC Project Update – (5:10 – 5:45)
a.    PFAC Update – Joan
b.    Infection Control Policy – Shawn/Lauren/Colleen
c.    CF Encounters – Lauren/Devin
d.    Issue Management Protocol – Angel/Monica/Elika
e.    Virtual Meeting Proposal/Online Collaboration – Erick/Brian
f.     Coordination with CFF and external clinic development – Shawn
g.    MyHealth update – Jay
h.    RPQ – Jay/Julian
i.      Informational Sheet on Masks Devin
j.      Clinic-Patient Opportunities – Angel/Monica/Elika
4.    Action Items (5:45 – 6:00)
a.    Ed: Work with Mary, Joan and Meg to formalize an introduction plan going forward for volunteer services
b.    Joan: Explore the option of the phone line for CF Encounter Project
c.    Joan: Contact Security regarding getting Devin and Ed Badge Access to the Conference Room.
d.    Colleen: Check and see if the CFF Center Anonymous Box can be moved to the Adult Center Website.
e.    Jay: Email Julian or Elika updated RPF Form
f.     Brian and Joan: Set up quarterly meeting with Dr. Mohabir
g.    Angel: Send Shawn council member email list
h.    Brian/Colleen: Work with Mary on by-law alignment requirements discussion
5.    Reminders
a.    Publicize Council and council activities
b.    Continue to complete Volunteer Requirements
c.    Future Projects
CF Patient Medical Compendium

6.    Final Comments/Discussion (6:00 – 6:10) 
Next meeting October 20, 2015
7.    Closed Session (6:10 – 6:30)

Administrator invites you to this meeting.

CF Adult Advisory Council Meeting Third Tuesday at 5:00pm
Occurs the third Tuesday of every month effective Jul 21, 2015 until Aug 17, 2016.
4:55 PM | 2 hr 5 min
(UTC-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada)

This invitation is for the CF Adult Advisory Council Meeting taking place the third Tuesday of each month starting at 5 pm Pacific

Meeting Begins at 5:00 pm
WebEx and TelePresence Connections Open at 4:50 pm

• Telepresence attendees please press the join button on your touch screen to connect.
• WebEx attendees please click the green "Join Using WebEx' tab within this invite.
• Next join the WebEx audio bridge by phone. Do not use computer audio.
• Please mute your phone.
• WebEx attendees to enable your laptop camera click the camera icon next to your name in the meeting participants list.

Questions call:
Kevin Hurley
Unified Communications Specialist
Stanford Health Care
Mobile: 650-272-7579

Unified Communications Team: 650-721-2800
Meeting password: a1820
Meeting number: 804383588

Join Using Telepresence
Video address:
TP-900 Blake Wilbur-Tumor Board W1084

Audio Connection
Call-in numbers
Toll: 1-650-479-3208
Toll-free: 1-877-668-4493
Access code: 804383588