Saturday, March 17, 2012

2-15-2012 Meeting Minutes

ACFAC Meeting Minutes  - February 15th, 2012

Members present: Laura, Colleen, Erika, Jay, Kriss, Ann, Ed, Elyse, Jackie

Members Absent: Eric M, Lauren

Guests Present: Rosie, Renatta, Kathy G., Eric W., Dr. Mohabir

1.     Update provided regarding the all-Stanford Advisory Council Meeting.  Laura was put in contact with the organizer of the council meeting.  Laura to get information the location, dates, ect of the meeting and will attend as able.  Others are welcome to attend as well.
2.     The 12th annual Stanford CF Education Day to be held March 3rd from 8:30 am to 3pm.   The ACFAC will have a table in which applications for membership will be available.   The Education Day is open to parents of young children with CF as well as caregivers and adults with CF. Please follow infection control procedures, and those with multi-drug resistant organisms, B. Cepacia and MRSA are asked not to attend.   It is open to those who do not attend the Stanford CF clinic as well.
3.     The ACFAC bylaw revisions were voted on and approved 8-1.
4.     Eric W. spoke with CF clinic coordinator regarding improving communication about required follow-up tests, medications, ect.  It was discussed that it is a hospital requirement and clinic protocol that an end of visit summary is provided upon check out.  It is the printout that includes the medication list as well as any upcoming appointments that have already been entered.  While there is an area for specific recommendations and education, this is not routinely filled out by the mid-level practitioners but can addressed.
5.     The CF Mentor questionnaire was sent to the team for review.  The next step will be for the CF team to evaluate the tool.   More information is to be provided next meeting regarding moving the process forward.
6.     Dr. Mohabir presented the results of the CF Clinic survey.  The survey window was from 11/1 to 1/31 and 16 surveys were received.  The survey looked at the following areas: Ease of getting care, Interactions with staff members, Overall Satisfaction, Team member Satisfaction (by profession).  Overall, the results were positive with a majority of the scores falling in the 4's and 5's (on a 5-point scale with 5 being the highest and 1 being the lowest).  The survey data was pooled by a volunteer and reviewed by Dr. Mohabir and M. Martel, NP.  The plan going forward is to do another 3-month survey with the goal of having 30-35 completed questionnaires.
7.     Several forms are circulating regarding the "We want to hear your voice" flyer.  This flyer includes information about the ACFAC, but is also intended to serve as a way for patients to communicate and provide feedback.   It was discussed that the multiple forms may be causing confusion, and its use / lack of use was discussed. 
8.     The Stanford CF website site now has the "Adult" tab up and running.  Currently on there are the "Get to know your team" questionnaires.  More information to be added based on the brainstorming session held at December meeting regarding topics for the tab.  Colleen to coordinate the supplying of information for the topics in the tab.
9.     The sick call and admission checklists submitted to clinic coordinator.  No recommendations made for changes, and forms to be added to "Adult" tab on Stanford CF center website.
10.  Discussion held regarding the format of the documents submitted.  Please make sure that documents for distribution are saved as .doc or PDF files.
11.  Discussion held regarding confusion of ACFAC tab on the Stanford CF center and the Adult tab on the Stanford CF Center Website.   Improved clarification needed when talking about the 2 tabs, and to keep in mind the different purposes of the tabs.  The ACFAC tab is supposed to contain information related to the council specifically, whereas the Adult tab is a general tab related to Adult topics / concerns for the CF population. 
12.  All anniversary dates received, Jackie to add it to member list and send out contact list to members.

Next meeting set for Wednesday, March 21st 2012 from 5pm to 7pm.

Action Items

1.     Laura will update everyone on the all-Stanford advisory council pre-meeting with Joan Forte, and future meetings with the larger council.
2.     Kriss gives approved bylaw file to Jay for posting on website and she will update where/if appropriate on meeting blog 
3.     Lauren and Dr. Mohabir need to update the council on the mentor questionnaire in March
4.     Laura and Kriss will update council "We Want to Hear Your Voice" flyer pdf so there is only one version and no form at the bottom
5.     Kriss send final "We Want to Hear Your Voice" flyer file to Jay for posting on website and she will update file on meeting blog
6.     ALL members to use .doc or .pdf file format (no .docx) going forward

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