Wednesday, July 10, 2013

ACFAC 6-19-13 Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Angel, Brian E., Brian T, Elyse, Laura, Jay, Colleen, Ann, Jackie

Guests Present: Sarnjit, Eric

Members Absent: Lauren, Richard

  1. May 2013 minutes approved.
  2. Secretary role for taking of minutes divided up for August – November as Jackie will be out on "maternity leave."  Colleen will do August and November, Jay will do September, and October is to be assigned.  It was questioned whether or not the vice chairperson role accepts that task if the secretary is not present.
  3. It has been brought to Laura's attention that some people have been unclear with the direction of the council with regard to the projects over the past few months.  Members have suggested that when the council takes on a new goal or project to have a closed session, or further dialogue after members have had more time to think about the projects.  The council agreed to continue to discussion in the closed session.
  4. To recap the CFRD project, last month the council decided to proceed with the bookmark idea and the social media webpage.  The council decided to move away from the "buddy system" idea and the support group due to the large scope of the project and the HIPPA regulations that may make implementation of these difficult.
  5. For the bookmark, it was clarified that it is a physical handout, "pocket–sized" that will contain some basic yet useful information.  It was suggested to include some popular apps that others have found useful.  It was also suggested to add in contact information, such as the Endocrine department, diabetes educator and the dietician.  It was also recommended to make the size of the bookmark fit into the carrying case for the glucometer.
  6. For the social media Facebook page, Brian was looking for feedback as to what the council wants to have in the CFRD page, and Brian will meet with Meg to get that process started.  Brian reviewed the different types of websites available and which features the council feels are important in the Facebook page.  Some pages are more informational and others are more of a supportive set-up.  The next step will be to take the feedback provided by the council to Meg and the website / Facebook page developer.
  7. Colleen and Richard initiated discussion for the paragraph of introduction for the Facebook page, editing and modification ongoing.
  8. Closed session was held in which the council discussed the direction and goals of the council for moving forward.
  9. Next meeting set for July 17th from 5 – 7pm.

 Action Items

  1. Laura: Will get the apps and website addresses from Ed to add to the CFRD bookmark, as well as determine the contact info for who to put on the bookmark.
  2. All:  To think about goals for the council for the next meeting
  3. Richard / Colleen: To work on the text for the social media page
  4. Ed: To get the apps information to Laura of the CFRD bookmark









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