Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ACFAC 7-17-13 Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Angel, Brian E., Elyse, Laura, Jay, Ann, Jackie, Richard, Amber, Ed
Guests Present: Sarnjit, Karrie
Members Absent: Brian T., Colleen
  1. June 2013 minutes approved.
  2. Discussion held regarding the pocket-sized information card for the CFRD project.  Recommendations included to allow space for notes and to make it business card size and possibly double sided. 
  3. Brian E. spoke with Meg regarding the CFRD private Facebook page, and the recommendations from the council from the May meeting.  Brian's goal is to speak directly with the web developer who is the person in charge of designing and implementing the page.  
  4. Richard is working on paragraph for CFRD private Facebook page, may need to be reworded depending on the purpose of the paragraph and who it can be view by (i.e. people who are already members of the page, or anyone looking to join the page)
  5. Elyse provided an update of the Peer2Peer program with no major changes to report.  Plans are in the works for another training session and additional mentors are needed, timeline and specifics to follow.
  6. Jackie is still looking for a volunteer minutes-taker for October.
  7. Closed session held to discuss future council goals/direction.
  8. Next meeting set for Wednesday, August 21st from 5pm-7pm.
 Action Items
  1. Laura: To adjust/change the CFRD information card / bookmark
  2. Brian E.: To get in contact with website developer for private CFRD Facebook page, and to address logistics of how patients will be invited to the page
  3. All: To get in contact with other CF patients to get information about how other CF clinics are organized. Report findings to Angel and Amber who will synthesize for next meeting.
  4. Angel and Laura: To ask endocrine clinic feedback on CFRD resource card.



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