Thursday, September 26, 2013

9-18-13 meeting minutes

Members Present: Laura S.,Ann R.,Brian E.,Richard D.,Angel M., Amber R., Colleen. Minutes taken by Colleen in temporary absence of secretary.

Members Absent: Jackie R., Brian T., Elyse G., Ed K., Jay A.

Guests Present: None

Council Votes: August minutes approved, voted on and adopted.
                         The council voted to NOT hold the December 2013 meeting.

Tasks Assigned: None

Project Updates:
Facebook update from Brian E.: Our page should be functional within 2 weeks! Monitoring of the page was discussed: Meg feels she isn’t able to monitor the page every day. Our Stanford contact Liat Kobza would like our council help with monitoring of the page by checking in on the page daily. Brian T. has already agreed to log in each day. When he is unavailable both Brian and Amber are most generally on line and happy to do so. Additionally, Liat would like all members to login 1-2/week to keep the page “Active”.
CFRDM card update from Laura: The cards are nearly final. When ready, Laura will have them printed.  

Other: Upcoming meeting dates
 November 20, 2013.
(December - the December meeting has been cancelled)
 January 15, 2014.

Action Items : 1. Laura to contact Dr. Mohabir within 2 weeks to discuss the initiation of our clinic vision. Amber and Brian E. will continue thereafter as council’s liaisons to the clinic for ongoing work on the project.
 2. All officers should be prepared to share whether they plan to remain on the council for another term or to resign their position at the November meeting. Council voting on new positions will occur in January.
3. Brian. E will follow up with Liat regarding:
·         What expectations does Liat have of our group when “monitoring” the FaceBook page.
·         What is the course of action should we see something marginal/inappropriate.
·         Check if council can be granted “administrator rights” (Brian E and Amber R.
are both willing to become administrators)

Closed session was held; discussion of ACFAC document synthesizing large strategic goals/vision with specific tactical ideas and tasks.
Meeting called to a close at 6:05pm.

Next meeting: October 16, 2013

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