Tuesday, September 10, 2013

8-21-13 Meeting Minutes

ACFAC Meeting Minutes – August 21st, 2013               

Members Present: Ann, Jackie, Ed, Laura, Amber, Elyse, Angel, Brian E., Colleen, Brian T., Richard, Jay

Guests Present: Karen

Members Absent: N/A

  1. July 2013 minutes approved.
  2. Laura and Angel spoke with clinic staff regarding the CFRD resource card.  Endocrine dept. recommended adding several websites that patients have found useful.  Lara recommended to not include diabetes educators contact information as they may not have to capacity to handle an influx of calls. It was recommended to include the main endocrine dept. contact number.  In clinic, Kathy and/or Meg would be the most likely to hand out the card.
  3. Brian E. has been in contact with web developer for the private Facebook page.   It has been recommended by the developer to initially open it up to all patients, regardless of CFRD status, as that will increase the traffic.  Once page is established, CFRD can be a focus.  The development should take a couple of weeks once the process begins.  Meg will still act as gatekeeper / moderator for the page, and the page would only be able to be accessed once invited via a web link from the moderator.   Council members will take turns checking in to help initially create traffic, and Brian T. has volunteered to be a permanent "commentator" with the goal of keeping interest in the page.
  4. Temporary "minute-takers" established, Colleen to take minutes for September and November and Jay to take minutes for October.  They will only be responsible for typing up minutes and sending them to Laura, who has agreed to post to the ACFAC site as well as distribute the email.
  5. Closed session held to discuss future council vision and anecdotal research obtained.
  6. Next meeting set for Wednesday, September 18th from 5pm-7pm.

 Action Items

  1. Laura: To finalize CFRD resource card and present for final feedback
  2. Brian E.: To notify all council members when CFRD Facebook page goes live
  3. All: Review data and vision plan to prepare for email train

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