Thursday, January 16, 2014

"1-15-2014 Minutes"

ACFAC 1-15-2014 Meeting Minutes

Members Present: Laura, Brian E, Angel, Richard, Ed, Jackie, Elyse, Jay, Victoria

Members Absent: Ann, Colleen, Brian T

Guests Present: Karon

Council Votes: Voted on the new council positions: Brian E (Chairperson) 
Richard (Vice Chair) Angel (Secretary). November minutes voted on and adopted.

Tasks Assigned: None

Project Updates: Discussion on the growth and achievements the council has made during the last six years. When the council was first established the goal was to help form better communication between patients and staff. Over the last two years the councils has partnered with the clinic on projects. The council has raised money for helping patients with traveling expenses, worked with staff to create the Stanford Adult Cystic Fibrosis Facebook page, patients can choose the physician they would like to see, and developed a CFRDM card. 

The future of the council is to strive to meet the clinics vision along with keeping the lines of communication open between staff and council. Investing in what is important to both patients and clinic and encouraging staff to attend meetings. 

Discussion held on the structure of council meetings. Does the time and days work for everyone? Does the blog on the website help? Advantages of the blog are the information is stored online as an archive. Is there a more efficient way to store information such as Google Cloud? Brian E will contact Joan to find out how other councils store there data. 

Other: None. 


Action Items (as read by vice-chair): Brian E: Contact Joan about what are the best
practices other councils have in regards to blogs, and archives. Richard: Contact Colleen about CF Education Day in March; possibly get a staff member present for March's meeting.  Richard: Contact Brian T to find out his presence on maintaining the Facebook page. All council members to be prepared to discuss alternative meeting times and days.   

No closed session was held. Meeting called to a close at 6:27pm. 

Next Meeting: February 19, 2014

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