Thursday, April 17, 2014

04-16-2014 Meeting Minutes.

ACFAC Minutes 04-16-2014

Members Present: Jay, Victoria, Monica, Elyse, Colleen, Ed, Devin, Angel, Brian E

Members Absent: Ann, Brian T, Richard, 

Guest Present: Karen

Council Votes: March's Minutes Approved

Tasks Assigned: 
MyHealth interview feedback: Jay, Monica, Victoria, Richard once you've had your MyHealth interviews email Angel a quick summary with any feedback from your interview that you would like to share. 

Colleen: contact the editor of the newsletter regarding a questions and answer section. The council comes up with a general question and staff can answer and have it published in the newsletter. 

Joan: Feedback on the previous tasks assigned to you. 

Angel: Email council notes from Brian E's Virtual Clinic Visit Proposal. 

All Members: Be prepared to discuss in depth more about the virtual clinic visit proposal and decided how we want to move forward with this new potential project. 

Project Updates:
MyHealth Interviews: Brian E had his interview with the MyHealth team on April 15th. He went over the mockup he put together and stressed the importance of our goals. Our goals are to make sure there is a strong communication between the clinic and patient, and that information was easily accessed so questions weren't repeated or incorrect comments made. He also discussed the new potential project concept of a virtual clinic visit. Explaining that the results of a virtual visit should be included in the MyHealth content. The MyHealh team was interested in this concept and may reach out to the council to talk more about it. 

MyHealth mockup- Brian E shared MyHealth mockup to Camille and Dr. Mohabir. They are comparing it to some thought at they had drawn up. 

Facebook Reviews: Monica discussed issues being repeated on the Facebook page. Support Group held on 4-4-14 by Meg, and Elika was an open communication to work on clinic and patient questions. Continue the open communication between staff and patients. 

New Potential Concept for Virtual Clinic Visits: The proposal is to use the virtual clinic visits to supplement the normal schedule of physical clinic appointments. It is felt that by increasing the amount of interaction between the clinic and patient, the quality of care for patients will be improved due to:

  • An increased level of understanding of the patient's health by clinic personal
  • Faster identification of trends that may signal an issue that should be addressed in a timely manner.
  • More detailed history of the patient's health status.
  • Greater openness and improved level of communication resulting in greater confidence for the patient in the clinic.
  • Greater adherence to an agreed protocol by the patient due to more frequent and easier access to clinic personnel.

The target audience for this approach would be adult patients with CF who have an interest in taking a larger role in managing their health and that have access to the technological tools necessary to participate in the pilot, primarily access to a computer with a webcam. This approach may be particularly of interests to patients that find it difficult to attend clinic due to financial, travel or time constrictions. 

Approach: Short bi-monthly meetings will be held using virtual video conferencing. Prior to the meeting, the patient will have provided a summary of their current health status, recent changes, and actions taken relative to an agreed upon action plan. Part of this information will include some home test results performed by the patient, for example FEV1 numbers taken by a hand held FEV1 meter or body weight. The meeting itself will be primarily focused on reviewing the information provided by the patient and agreeing upon any required modifications to the action plan. Although this meeting should be short, the key is that the information is clearly documented in the patient history to ensure complete and clear communication between clinic and patient. This information should be posted to the patient's profile within MyHealth.

Questions, concerns and feedback regarding virtual clinic visits: Are any other clinics using a virtual clinic visit? How will staff and physicians get reimbursed/ revenue play a role? Changing the wording in the concept as to how this will increase a cf patient to be compliant or become more compliant. This could possibly eliminate the "phone tag" issue when calling into clinic? How would insurances pay for this visit? Maybe having an outreach or satellite clinic? This concept maybe ideal for a discharge patients follow up visit? For example instead of coming in a week later for your follow up you can have a virtual clinic visit. Note we can all agree that this concept is not to replace all clinic visits. You still would have to commit to coming in to clinic a couple of times of year. 

Meeting called to a close at 6:00pm 
Council agrees to no May meeting. 
Next meeting will be on June 18th. 

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