Tuesday, November 24, 2015

"11-17-2015" Meeting Minutes

Adult Advisory Council Meeting Minutes Nov.17
Members present: Jay, Brian, Angel, Ronni, Erick, Ed, Devin, Colleen and Linda Burks.
Welcome to our new member: Linda Burks. Linda is the mom of a soon to be transitioned Son. Additionally, Linda served on the Pediatric Parent Advisory Council for several years.
The September minutes were unanimously adopted.
Project updates:
1.      Virtual Meeting: we are still interested in being a pilot clinic as soon as Stanford IT is ready.
                        ACTION ITEM: Colleen to provide Erick with the name of our contract in IT.
                        ACTION ITEM: Erick to contact IT for a status updates
2.      CF Encounters: No new” updates
3.      Issue Management Tree:
a.      The new color version of the “out-patient brochures” was circulated prior to the meeting.
ACTION ITEM: Angel to contact Meg for confirm that Meg will distribute this form
ACTION ITEM: Colleen to contact Joan: re: budget to print our new project documents on nice heavy weight paper.
4.      My Health – Jay , no new updates
ACTION ITEM: Jay to contact My Health folks to see if they can get our RPQ form in a PDF format uploaded into the MyHealth site.
5.      Mask Information Sheet: This document is in a brochure draft status now. Still need to have Infection Control department and clinic to sign off.
ACTION ITEM: Devin to ask Clinic about a recommendation for which mask(s) they recommend.  
6.      Clinic Patient Opportunities:  Recent issue that has come to the council’s attention: Some medications are unavailable when patients are admitted (Orakambi, Ivacaftor).
ACTION ITEM: Angel to check with Clinic to determine which meds aren’t available and what the process should be for patients when they bring their own medication from home for use while they are in house.
Last Month’s Action item from October
1.      FaceBook issue: Nothing has happened in 3 months. To be further discussed during tonight’s closed session.
2.      File Storage: Joan has identified a location. Logistics still pending.
            ACTION ITEM: Joan to provide details to council.
3.     Dissemination of our documents (CF stories/CF encounters). It was agreed last month that Joan would be in charge of disseminating our de-identified, instructional CF experiences. Devin should touch base with Joan to be sure this is the best way to get  items out to other CF providers, staff members, other clinics, and departments.
New Thought:
Jay reminded old members about our ACFAC pins that identified council members which could help recruit new members or increase our visibility in clinic.
ACTION ITEM: Jay will look into some new options for pins or badges and will present this information next month.
Please continue to complete your volunteer requirements.

Follow Up on Parking Perk Pilot Program:
ACTION ITEM: Angel to check in with Meg to see how the pilot went, was it well received, shall we pursue it further?


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