Saturday, March 4, 2017

2-28–2017 Minutes

“2-28–2017 Minutes"

Members Present: Brian, Abby, Jay, Shawn, Angel

Members Absent: Larissa, Monica, Lauren, Erick, Colleen, Ed, Linda,

Council Votes: None

Project Updates:

A.     Virtual Clinic Proposal / Online Collaboration: Council members who are participating in the trial run can use the app “Track My Medical Records” to keep track of FEV1 trends with graphs with trends .
B. CF Encounters :  Follow up next meeting. Abby interested in participating.

C. Information Sheets on Masks: Clinics back East are not having patients wearing mask. Shawn to send out email of masks description from Devin to Larissa.

D. Inpatient/Outpatient RPQ and Masks Sheet: PDF’s will be posted to the Patient Only Facebook Page, to remind patients the project we have completed and the recourse tools that are available to them in clinic. “Great information for you in preparation for your next clinic visit.....”

E. CFF and External Development: Shawn still visits with them every other month, getting updates on the status.

F. RPQ / MyHealth: Jay has signed up for MyHealth improvement and is waiting to hear back from them.

G, File Management: Council’s email to be linked to the Dropbox account Jay has set up for the council. Abby mentioned looking into OneDrive for file management.

Meeting called to a close:

Next Council Meeting March 28, 2017

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